Survival of the Most Prepared

June 02, 2016

Survival of the Most Prepared

One of the recent editions of the American Survival Guide Magazine has us preparing to survive, with a particularly excellent choice of knives displayed. The magazine features well-written articles, great advice from experienced authors, and is definitely one of the best guides for survival and everything related out there.

This incredibly valuable Survival Guide issue covers a wide array of topics, from starting your fires to DIY fishing kits. As great as tools like Fiddleback Forge Knives are, detailed information like what you'll find in this magazine may just be the most important piece of survival gear you could have on you in a situation that calls for survival skills.

One of the monthly blog authors for Fiddleback Forge, Kevin Estela, is the editor for the magazine and another of Fiddleback's regular bloggers, Brian Griffin, was a contributing author in the magazine as well. Brain's article in the magazine features a Fiddleback Kephart and focuses on the most immediate needs one will have in a survival situation. Brian Griffin, who teaches survival classes, is one of the best to learn from. The article goes in-depth, is very accurate and well-written, and covers a variety of subjects. Brain does an great job of stating that scenarios that threaten one's survival can happen at any moment and he even gives recent examples like Hurricane Katrina's impact on New Orleans. One of the best quotes pertaining to survival that sums up the most important aspect is featured at the top of the article: "In any survival situation there is a hierarchy of needs. In most cases it will be the same needs, but the order of importance will change based on the situation at hand."

Not to be outdone, Kevin has several interesting articles in the magazine. Kevin's articles in the magazine focus on a wide range of topics, from establishing a survival mindset, to utilizing plants for sustenance and medicinal purposes, to the all-critical skill of locating water in the wild.

As an aside, the Fiddleback Forge KE Bushie knife was named after and designed by Mr. Estela.

Beyond the excellent articles from both Brian and Kevin, another one of the contributing authors, Kelly Alwood, gives a fantastic rundown on the gear one should have to survive desperate situations, Dr. Ian Reight gives us a run-down on common sense and practical field medicine, and editor/author Kevin Estela gives the important basics on foraging and the tools required.

The rest of the magazine is full of the same level of quality information that could potentially prove to be life-saving. Products, strategies, how-to guides with step-by-step instructions, and valuable information to be of use in any situation imaginable, this Prepper edition of the American Survival Guide even includes a timeline of man-made disasters and how to deal with each phase of a government collapse or other artificial disaster, a guide to starting fires and cordage, how to identify when one is being watched, knife-sharpening in the field, emergency communication, and making survival shelters. A wealth of extremely helpful information and definitely an amazing read, this magazine is definitely worth the buy.

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