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RLO Custom Leather

RLO Custom Leather for Rifles and Firearms, by Rick Lowe
Rick Lowe of RLO Custom Leather

RLO Custom Leather by Rick Lowe

RLO Custom Leather products are handcrafted by Rick Lowe in Bronson, Florida, USA. RLO Custom Leather is owned and operated by Rick Lowe and is family business. 

RLO Custom Leather specializes in gun leather such as Leather Rifle Slings, No-Drill Harness Slings, Bandoliers, Ammo Holders, Cheek Risers, Butt Stock Covers, and more for traditional and classically styled firearms and rifles made by brands such as Henry, Winchester, Mosin Nagant, Marlin, Rossi, Mossberg, Browning, Mauser, SKS, AK, Ruger, and more. 

Rick began making leather for his personal knife collection and is an avid knife-maker. After the economic downturn in 2008, he began making sheaths for customers of other knife-makers, primarily Andy Roy of Fiddleback Forge. Rick was quickly established as a major player within that market and was able to take his leather business full-time. Shortly after, he began receiving requests for leather accessories for guns from a local company. He developed the "No Drill" Harness Sling after a customer, Griffin Wait, asked for a sling for his Henry lever action rifle that wouldn't require any drilling of the wooden stock. Rifle Stock Covers with Cheek Risers followed shortly thereafter.

RLO Custom Leather has become the standard in firearm leather accessories for the discerning shooter. His work has been featured at Brass Stacker and we are very proud to have him here on Fiddleback Outpost.

RLO Custom Leather Rifle Butt Stock Cover
RLO Custom Leather Assorted
RLO Custom Leather Work in Progress
RLO Custom Leather Rifle Sling with Ammo Loops

Shipping Disclaimer

RLO Custom Leather products are handmade upon order.
Products are NOT stocked due to customization.

In most cases, products will be received here at Fiddleback Outpost 7-10 days after your order is placed. Once they arrive, they are shipped the following business day using your selected method of delivery. Please allow for production time, handling time, and transit time in your estimated timeframe for final delivery.

Contact Us for any special requests or questions about RLO Custom Leather products.

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