Our New Knife Website... KnifeOutpost.com

January 31, 2023 1 Comment

Our New Knife Website... KnifeOutpost.com

We've launched a brand new website for handmade knives!

Knife Outpost Website

This particular site is new. But, we've been selling American, Handcrafted Knives since 2016! We've been working with Fiddleback Forge knives (and Fiddleback Family brands) since we started Fiddleback Outpost! But we want to help more small makers in America grow their small businesses, support their families, and bring more American-made products to our audience we've worked so hard to serve over the years.

We'll be able to offer something for everyone to improve their everyday carry, add to their kitchen cutlery collection, upgrade their outdoor tools, and put some WOW in their knife collections. Our knife makers not only make blades you'll love to use every day, but knives that can be passed down for generations.

We post new knives every Friday at 9PM EST,
along with giving you a photo preview ahead of time.

Friday Page Preview Page

We make videos like this one to show you the new knives in hand:

Subscribe to Knife Outpost on YouTube

We'll be carrying knives from several great makers to start,
including, of course, Fiddleback Forge:

Currently Available Knives

We'll be featuring the great leather sheaths from Diomedes Industries (veteran-made in VA) to the site as well...

Diomedes Industries Knife Sheaths

Make sure you follow us on social media too!

@KnifeOutpost on Instagram Knife Outpost Facebook Page

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chad cueva malazarte
chad cueva malazarte

November 02, 2023

if I’m going to order the Harnessed Rifle Sling what’s the lead time?

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