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Fiddleback Outpost

The Fiddleback Outpost store carries a variety of curated products for serious outdoorsmen, knife enthusiasts and everyday carry lovers. Fiddleback Outpost features amazing products from the best makers in the business. Fiddleback Forge, Diomedes Industries, Fat Rope Stick, Osprey Knife and Tool, W.A. Surls, Jarrett Fleming Knives, Fletcher Knives, Adirondack Wilderness Co., Fire Water Survival, Firebox Stove, Badger Claw Leatherworks, Combat Beads, Flex Strops are all available here...with more to come in 2017!

Featured Gear

Here are some great products that our staff believes everyone should see! You can see more great products like these in the Gear & Accessories section.

Featured Knives

These knives are hand-picked exclusives to Fiddleback Outpost and are unique, one-off designs. Once they sell, there won't be another exactly like it again.