Firebox Stove - Firebox Scout Performance Kit

Firebox Stove - Firebox Scout Performance Kit (Imported)

  • Its simple design makes it easy to understand and use. Yet it remains very capable. It can easily run on most commercially available fuels but more importantly it is capable of burning wood as a backup fuel. This simple box and two lids can be arranged multiple ways to accommodate a variety of fuels and or environmental conditions. The "Wind-Proof Lighter" hole pattern has been calibrated to provide the right temperature for cooking, while maximizing fuel efficiency. The top and bottom lids keep it self-contained and make it possible to store provisions inside. You can keep a fire kit and your fuel supply ready to grab & go!

  • Highlights
    • Easy to Use- The Scout is designed to be intuitive even for those without experience or who are less mechanically inclined.
    • Fuel versatility- The Scout can run on a variety of commercially available fuels, but more importantly, it can run on wood. You can only store so much fuel, and if you need to bug out you will only be able to take so much of it with you. The Scout can run on gathered twigs and sticks or even broken up furniture etc.
    • Capable- The Scout can be configured to provide efficient air-fuel ratios to a wide range of fuels and environmental conditions. It can be adjusted to draw less air for accelerated fuels, or more air for difficult burning conditions (requires the optional Accelerator Cross Bars), i.e., poor quality wood, damp or cold weather and or high elevation locations where less oxygen is available.
    • Economical- The Scout can only be helpful if it's where you need it, when you need it. The Scout's design takes advantage of low-cost production methods (we also offer four-pack discounts), so you can afford to keep Scout Stoves in multiple locations and or in each of your vehicles.
    • Portable- Your home may become unsafe or the unexpected may occur when you're away. The Scout is self-contained and lightweight (pack weight 5.4oz) for easy transport. You can also store a fuel supply and or fire-making kit inside the stove to know that everything you need is in one package. It is a grab-and-go essential item.
  • How to use various fuels with the Scout:

    To burn the Firebox Fuel Puck, fuel tablets or other accelerated fuels you’ll want to restrict some of the air flow. Simply use one of the lids to cover the lower row of holes. This slows the fire and makes the fuel last much longer and at the perfect cooking temperature.

    For burning wood in the form of twigs and sticks use the lid as a pedestal, this allows you to feed sticks in at an upwards angle. The flame will naturally climb to the ends of the sticks allowing you to feed them in as they burn.

    Positioning pins and an easy-to-understand hole pattern make it convenient to use canned fuels like Sterno, alcohol burners like the Trangia, or even a gas burner for using pressurized fuels like propane or isobutane.

    The Scout’s specially designed Multi-Fuel Fire Grate makes it possible to use solid fuel tablets, wood pellets or even charcoal.

  • Firebox Scout Performance Kit Includes:

    • Stove
    • 2 lids
    • 2 Positioning Pins
    • Accelerator Cross Bars
    • Multi-Fuel Fire Grate
    • Stove case
    • 2 Fuel Pucks

    Cup and alcohol burner not included

    Made of Stainless
    Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" x 5"
    Weight: 1lbs 6oz
    Weight of Firebox Fuel Puck: 7.6oz

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