Backpacker's Pantry - Cuban Coconut Rice & Black Beans

Cuban Coconut Rice & Black Beans

  • A fragrant Caribbean classic: sweet & savory blend of coconut milk, black beans, rice & bananas
  • Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free
  • 3 year shelf life
  • 14g of protein per serving
  • 2 servings per pouch

  • A delicious traditional Cuban meal of coconut rice, black beans fragrant banana and cilantro. Loved by all ages. Mild in flavor and great for those who avoid spicy food. Kids love this meal! Comes with a packet of extra virgin olive oil for you to add to boost the calories and flavor. Non-gmo coconut milk and sea salt let you feel healthy on the trial backpacking, hiking or camping. This is a great tasting, vegan favorite meal. Perfect for vegan travelers and vegetarian travelers as it is gluten free, soy free, dairy free. A flavorful, high protein, convenient meal on a sailboat, hunting trip or on a big wall. Never eat airplane food again when you can pack a spoon and lightweight Backpacker’s Pantry gourmet, premium freeze dried meals. Just ask the flight attendant for 2 cups of hot water, wait 20 minutes and be prepared to fight off your fellow passengers. A favorite of kids and adults. Rated 5 stars. A perfect side dish at home or in the ski lodge when you combine it with a protein of your choice. A no mess, healthy, late night meal in the dorm room. Easy to digest & easy to prepare. Enjoy the delicious flavor of Cuba anywhere. Seven year shelf life lets you be prepared for any emergency. Soy free.

  • Remove and discard enclosed oxygen absorber before beginning food preparation. Remove Organic Olive Oil packet and add to other ingredients. Add 2-1/4 cups (540ml) of boiling water. Stir well. Seal and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Stir and serve. Best By Date on packaging is 3 years from manufacturing date.

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