Firebox ULTRA Cook Kit - 8" Small Firebox Pan Set

Firebox ULTRA Cook Kit - 8" Small Firebox Pan Set

The Firebox Ultra Cook Kit is a comprehensive system of nesting pans and plates that work together in a multitude of configurations to accomplish most any camp cooking project. Made of a sturdy thickness of hard anodized aluminum which is lightweight yet scratch resistant and long lasting. No Teflon means you’ll need to apply a seasoning as you would with Cast Iron cookware. Base kit Includes a pro quality sauté pan and the Deep Cowboy Plate, comes in an abrasion resistant 500 wt nylon case with paracord cinch closure that can be opened with one hand.

Includes 8" Firebox Frypan, Small Deep Cowboy Plate, Long Universal Pan/Pot Lifter, and a Small Frying Pan Case.

Weight of kit: 1 lb. 3 oz.

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