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RLO Custom Leather - Leather Rifle Scabbard - Double Shoulder Straps

RLO Custom Leather
Rifle Scabbard
Double Shoulder Straps

Handcrafted in Florida, USA

  • RLO Custom Leather designed this Leather Rife Scabbard so you could carry your rifle with 2 shoulder straps like you would carry your average backpack. This design allows you to keep both hands available while traveling through brush to your favorite hunting spot...and while you are climbing your favorite deer stand. Not only is it an exceptionally secure, easy, and safe way to carry your rifle, but it keeps your rifle protected inside a durable leather case.

    Scabbards are made to fit 2 rifle lengths: carbine length and full rifle length.

    The scabbard is lined inside with either suede for ultra smooth durability, or synthetic fleece for extra soft protection and additional retention. Liners are double stitched at the seam. There are 3 choices of leather color to choose from and metal hardware is available in 3 finishes. Optional shoulder pad can be added to the scabbards straps and is available as a plain shoulder pad, or shoulder pad with ammo loops.

    Every RLO Custom Leather product is hand cut and hand stitched to the highest standards of craftsmanship. RLO Custom Leather uses veg-tanned American leather from the most patriotic of the bovine species. Leather is top grain which means that the fibers of the leather are tight and uniform with little or no marks on the finished side. The leather is drum-dyed at the tannery for a deep and consistent color. The finished product has sealer applied by hand, setting the dye and offering slight water resistance (leather is never waterproof).

  • Type:  2 Strap Rifle Scabbard
    Top Opening:  8 Inches
    Overall Length: 24.5 Inches (Carbine), 27.5 Inches (Rifle)
    Leather:  Top Grain Leather, Veg-Tanned
    Hardware:  Black, Brass, or Stainless Steel

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  • Shipping Times:  RLO Custom Leather products are made to order, but will typically ship in 10 days or less. Carrier times should be added to that figure to estimate total delivery time. If there's an exception, we will contact you directly.

    Leather Color:  Due to the way leather absorbs dye and sealant, each sheath's color will vary slightly.

    Photos:  Photos are copyrighted and should NOT be used without our expressed written permission. Firearms, ammo, and other accessories pictured are not included unless expressly stated...but you knew that already because you're awesome!

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