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Procamptek Ultimate Fire Tinder
Procamptek Ultimate Fire Tinder

Ultimate Fire Tinder

The Ultimate Fire Tinder is highly fibrous with special wax additive to make it is super easy to light, even in the most severe weather conditions!

Designed to be the easiest igniting fire tinder on the market, while producing no fumes and no harsh smell. It's non-toxic with a long shelf life.

Just add some sparks!

Procamptek Fast Fire Stick
Procamptek Fast Fire Stick


Fast Fire Stick is a compressed cotton-based tinder infused with our proprietary waxed solution.

The unique combination of materials make Fast Fire Stick our most rapidly igniting tinder yet, in the packable shape and size that's perfect for kits.

Cut what you need, fluff the fibers, and add almost ANY spark!

Procamptek Fire Strip Roll Procamptek Fire Strip Roll

Fire Strip Roll

The Fire Strip Roll is the ultimate in convenience. Made to work with both a lighter flint or an open flame. Take your lighter with you, even if it runs out of fuel you can light it with the spark! It's also water resistant and packs really well.

Rough it up, then tear off what you need. Aim your flint sparks at the torn edge for best results.

Procamptek Fire Plugs
Procamptek Fire Plugs


Fire Plugs are the most versatile fire tinder yet. Fire Plugs are made to work with lighter flint, open flame, or ferro rod spark. Because of their small size, Fire Plugs can be added to any size fire or emergency kit without taking up much space.

Twist and pull the plug to expose fluffy fibers and then add a spark from a ferro rod or a flint.

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