Flex Strops

Flexxx Strops - Premium Leather Strops for Honing and Sharpening Knife Blades

Flex Strops

Trying to get the perfect sharp edge is something many of us have been trying to achieve for years. We have used stones, ceramics, and sandpaper style sharpening systems, and we have never been able to get that perfect edge. Now, you can get your edges perfect, pristine, polished, and scary sharp. 

Flex Strops will give you the sharp edge you are looking for and you will have a strop that will last you for years to come.

Flex Strops uses the smooth side on all strops. The reason for this is that Flex Strops has come up with a method to hold compounds and be more consistent. After the smooth side has been treated it has an even layout, and the leather feels and looks like a fine suede with a napped finish. The end result is a more consistent stropping surface that holds compounds sufficiently.

Each strop uses BRKT Compounds in black (3,000 grit) and green (6,000 grit).

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