Procamptek - Survival Candle

Procamptek, formerly Production Hangar 51

Survival Candle 

  • Meticulously crafted, our Survival Candle features two high-quality braided wicks that burn bright and steady, providing over 8 hours of continuous illumination. Whether you're braving the wilderness or seeking refuge in an emergency shelter, the Procamptek Survival Candle ensures you have the light you need.

    Recognizing the value of convenience and preparedness, our survival candle is ingeniously packaged in a compact, 3-inch puck-sized screw-top metal tin. This thoughtful design allows for effortless storage and portability, ensuring it is always within reach, even in the most challenging conditions. Its virtually unbreakable construction guarantees reliability when you need it most.

    One of the remarkable advantages of the Procamptek Survival Candle is its timelessness. Unlike technologically-dependent devices with limited lifespans, our candle possesses enduring quality. It remains ready for use for generations to come, unaffected by the failures of technology. In a world where reliance on technology can falter, the resilience of a candle shines through, ensuring a constant source of light and heat when all else fails.

  • Color: Actual color of the Survival Candle may vary somewhat between batches.

    Misuse of Product:  Fiddleback Outpost is not responsible for misuse or abuse of this product. Obey all laws, ordinances and local fire warnings when using this product. Practice intelligent fire safety at all times.

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Prop65 Warning

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