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Diomedes Industries
Field Notes Cover

Handcrafted in Virginia, USA

  • The Diomedes Field Notes Cover is exactly what it sounds like, it's a leather case for your Field Notes. The inside flap fits the back cover of your field notes allowing you to flip through in style. The opposite flap features 2 pockets that are perfect for business cards, your license, or credit cards. The pen holder is designed for your average size pens with a notch for the pen's pocket clip to rest, assuring it stays in place until you choose to use it.

    The Field Notes Cover is your perfect companion on outdoor trips, allowing you to jot down experiences, landmarks, & more. It's also fantastic for every day carry as well. The full grain leather makes it a beautiful addition to any situation you find yourself in.

    iPhone X in picture for scale only...not meant as a phone case.

  • Type:  Folding Field Notes Cover
    Height:  6-3/8 Inches
    Width (closed):  4 Inches (4-5/8 including pen tube)
    Leather:  4 oz Chrome Tanned, Oiled Full Grain Leather with nice "Pull Up" texture

  • Shipping Times:  Field Notes Covers may be made to order but typically will ship in 14 days or less. In stock items ship next business day. Carrier times should be added to that figure to estimate total delivery time. If there's an exception, we will contact you directly.

    Leather Color:  Due to the way leather absorbs dye, and that each piece of leather has unique characteristics, each sheath's color & finish will vary.

    Photos:  Photos are copyrighted and should NOT be used without our expressed written permission. Knives, devices and other items pictured are sold separately...but you knew that already because you're awesome! 

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