Diomedes Industries - APS 638

Diomedes Industries
APS 638
Ambidextrous Pocket Sheath

Handcrafted in Virginia, USA

  • The APS 638 sheath (formerly the "APS Earl") was initially designed for popular Fiddleback Forge models with 3" blades, then evolving t also fit other knife models of similar size as well.

    The APS (Ambidextrous Pocket Sheath) series of sheaths were designed to be the perfect pocket sheath for blades of a variety of shapes of blades from spear point, leaf-shaped, drop-points, and more. They are also designed to follow the lines of the average jeans pocket shape. Because of the symmetrical design, they can be worn as a left-handed or right-handed sheath.

    Every sheath is perfectly cut to exacting standards from 8-10 oz top grain leather. Leather is drum-dyed & finished sheath is oiled by hand, giving it a rich finish and color.

  • Type: Ambidextrous Pocket Sheath
    Inside Depth: 6-3/8 Inches
    Overall Length: 6-6/8 Inches
    Leather: Top Grain Leather, Veg-Tanned
    Pocket Clip: Stainless Steel

  • Fiddleback Forge
    • Fiddleback Forge Hiking Buddy
    • Fiddleback Forge F2 (Fish and Foul)
    • Fiddleback Forge Bushboot
    • Fiddleback Forge Bushnub
    • Fiddleback Forge Bushnub II
    • Fiddleback Forge Bushraptor
    • Fiddleback Forge Monarch
    • Fiddleback Forge Lonestar
    • Fiddleback Forge Bushcrafter Jr.
    • Fiddleback Forge Toboggan
    • Fiddleback Forge Shank
    • Fiddleback Forge Bear Cub
    • Fiddleback Forge Gambler
    • Fiddleback Forge Patch
    • Fiddleback Forge Handyman
    • Fiddleback Forge Elf
    • Fiddleback Forge Bushcraft Karda
    • Fiddleback Forge Loner
    • Fiddleback Forge Lonestar EDC
    • Fiddleback Forge Warthawg
    • Fiddleback Forge EDC I
    • Fiddleback Forge EDC II
    • Fiddleback Forge Femme Fatale
    Cohutta Knife Co.
    • Cohutta Mountaintown EDC
    • Cohutta Shiloh
    • Cohutta Mini Bearpen
    • Cohutta Ocoee
    • Cohutta Mini Strebig
    • Cohutta Patch
    Osprey Knife & Tool
    • Warthog
    • Mamushi (shallow fit)
  • Shipping Times: Sheaths may be made to order but typically will ship in 14 days or less. Carrier times should be added to that figure to estimate total delivery time. If there's an exception, we will contact you directly.

    Leather Color: Due to the way leather absorbs dye, each sheath's color will vary.

    Photos: Photos are copyrighted and should NOT be used without our expressed written permission. Knives and other items pictured are sold separately...but you knew that already because you're awesome!

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