Campaign Leather Ranger Belt

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Mission Mercantile at Fiddleback Outpost

This is a terrific belt, balancing genteel, masculine, and detail qualities with aplomb. Build quality is excellent, and with sewn and riveted fastenings, it should be robust. The finish is almost too luxurious -- it's just a nice piece."
- Lyndon N.

Campaign Leather Ranger Belt
Mission Mercantile Leather Goods

The Campaign Leather Ranger Belt by Mission Mercantile Leather Goods is inspired by the men that tamed the Texas frontier, the Ranger Belt was made to be as rugged yet sophisticated as they were. Mission Mercantile would love to say they invented the Ranger Belt, but it's been around longer than all of us!

The design was implemented from a cinching technique used in horse tack that allows a strap to be tightened without pinching the horse's hair in the buckle. The Texas Rangers adapted this technique into the design of a belt in the 1840s, when they began using the new Colt Walker six-shooter, a substantially sized firearm which demanded larger holsters and thus wider cuts of leather than standard belts. By mimicking the cinching technique from horse tack in the design of the ranger belt, the Rangers could wear a smaller, more functional belt and still holster the larger sidearm. Consequently, this style of two-layered leather belt is named after the Texas Rangers.

Belts are sized based on pants size. For example, the Ranger Belt - Medium fits from a 32" to 36" pants size. The middle hole (there are 5 holes) would be about a 34" pants size.

  • Small: 28" - 32" pants size
  • Medium: 32" - 36" pants size
  • Large: 36" - 40" pants size
  • X-large: 40" - 44" pants size


  • Thick, full-grain US cowhide vegetable tanned leather
  • Antique Brass buckle
  • Mission Mercantile Lifetime Promise
  • Width: 1.5"

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