Production Hangar 51 - Ultimate Fire Tinder - Tin

Production Hangar 51 - Ultimate Fire Tinder - Single Tin

Windproof.  Waterproof.  Insanely reliable! 

From the makers of Fat Rope Stick, comes the pre-shredded, ready-to-use a convenient tin! Each Ultimate Fire Tinder Tin is handmade to achieve superb performance in all weather conditions. It's performance surpasses anything currently in your bug-out bag or daypack and is super easy to use as well. 

Canister Specifications, Filled:

Height:  1.6" 
Diameter:  3.25"
Total Weight:  3.6 oz 
Volume Equivalent:  1 Fat Rope Stick

***Any Firesteels, strikers, ferro rods, matches, knives, or other products pictured are not included, obviously.

Is this the right Fat Rope Stick for you?

Fat Rope Stick is available in stick form, OR precut in a reusable tin...and both are available in money-saving multipacks!

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