Shadetree - Acorn - Maglock Folder

Shadetree - Acorn Maglock Folder

The Shadetree Acorn Maglock Folder marks Shadetree Custom Composite's inaugural run at making complete knives. A long time knife scale material maker, Shadetree has extensive knowledge in the industry and knows what it takes to make a great knife. The Acorn Maglock Folder is a prototype of their final design, made in limited quantities. Only 99 total were made between 2 colors, blue and green. Each is individually numbered on the inside of the handle.

The unique swing design is very minimalist in nature. Using on one pivot screw and a set of rare earth magnets in the pommel, the design is clean and easy to use. The magnets hold tightly enough to secure the the knife in both the open and closed position, but are easy enough to open with a light press of the fingers. (In our hands on testing, we never had the knife accidentally open during pocket carry or normal use)

The inside of each handle is precision machined for the blade's hidden crosspins to reside. This means that the blade can only travel in one direction and has predetermined stopping points in both the open and closed position. This ensures that the blade is always away from your precious digits in the closed position and that it is solidly sturdy in the open position.

The anodized aluminum scales are both beautiful and durable and the S30V is sure to hold an edge for a long time.

Here's a fantastic review by "Comprehensivist" on Blade Forums

Knife Specifications

Blade Length: 2.4"
Handle Length: 3.5"
Blade Metal: S30V @ 60 RC
Handle Material: Anodized 7075 Aluminum
Weight: 1.6 oz
Grind: Flat

Knives designed, fabricated, assembled, and finished in the USA, by Shadetree Custom Composites of Michigan.

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