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RLO Custom Leather
Rifle Butt Stock Cover
w/ Optional Cheek Riser

Handcrafted in Florida, USA

  • Leather Rifle Butt Stock Covers are made to fit specific rifle models. The leather laces allow for the best fit, as well as remaining adjustable for slight variances in stock shapes.

    RLO Custom Leather designed this Leather Rifle Butt Stock Cover to not only protect the beauty of your rifle stock, but can add functionality by utilizing options such as Cheek Riser, Pocket, and/or Ammo Loops… or none of those if you choose to keep it plain. Choose to add the options that best fit your needs.

    The optional Cheek Riser allows to maintain the crucial cheek-to-stock bond with the stock when using optics. This keeps your shots accurate with faster sight acquisition. Your choice of either 1" or 1.5" cheek riser makes sure that you'll have the optimum sight line naturally when raising your rifle to your cheek to fire. The foam filling in the Cheek Riser allows solid contact, with optimal comfort. The 1" cheek riser is the standard size for most applications. The 1.5" cheek riser is only recommended only for scopes with larger bell housings or tall mounts. You can choose to omit the Cheek Riser altogether if you are using the standard iron sights on your rifle, and are happy with your existing sight line.

    For the optional Ammo Loops, the number of cartridge loops is determined by type of rifle cartridge and if a Pocket is also added to the cover, for example:
    Ammo Loops (No Pocket) + Centerfire = 7 loops
    Ammo Loops (No Pocket) + Rimfire (like .17 HMR or .22) = 10 loops
    Pocket WITH Ammo Loops = 5 loops.

    The optional Pocket measures internally at roughly 4” wide x 1.75” tall x 0.5” deep, has a simple fold-over cover, and a single snap closure. The Pocket is only available in this one size as it is hand formed using a custom made mold. The Pocket is meant for general storage items such as dope cards, cleaning cloth, small scope caps, small tool pouches, etc. It is a functional pocket that is aesthetically pleasing for the limited space available on the side of the Butt Stock Cover. The Pocket is not specifically designed to carry loose ammunition, spare magazines, or clips.

    Pockets and Ammo Loops are installed on your shooting hand side, opposite your cheek. For example, if you are right-handed shooter, the pockets/loops would be on the right side of your stock, away from your cheek.

    There are 3 choices of leather color to choose from and metal hardware is available in 3 finishes as well.

    Every RLO Custom Leather product is hand cut and hand stitched to the highest standards of craftsmanship. RLO Custom Leather uses veg-tanned North American leather. Leather is top grain, which means that the fibers of the leather are tight and uniform with little or no marks on the finished side. This ensures a beautiful, strong, and long-lasting cut of leather. The leather is drum-dyed at the tannery for a deep, consistent color. The finished product has sealer applied by hand, setting the dye and offering slight water resistance (leather is never waterproof).

    Please Note: Butt Stock Covers patterns are usually intended for rifles with a flat, straight comb stock. If your rifle stock has a more complex shape, such as a Monte Carlo style, or other special considerations, you can Contact Us with your specific rifle model and stock style to see if the Butt Stock Cover will work for you.

  • Type:  Butt Stock Cover for Rifles
    Weight:  2.4 - 4.5 oz
    Leather:  Top Grain Leather, Veg-Tanned
    Hardware (pockets & loops only):  Black, Brass, or Stainless Steel

  • Common Models:
    AK47 - Standard wooden stock
    CZ 455 Lux
CZ 455 American

    CZ 527 Lux

    CZ 527 American
    Enfield 1903
    Henry Golden Boy Rimfire H001
    Henry Silver Boy Rimfire H001

Henry Golden Boy
Henry Big Boy Steel
Henry Long Ranger
Henry Original Henry

    Henry Single shot
    Henry .410 lever
Marlin 336

    Marlin 1895
Marlin 1894
Marlin 39
Mauser MK9848

    Mauser MK3841
Mauser MK2447
    Mosin Nagant M130 

Mosin Nagant M44
Mosin Nagant M38

    Mosin Nagant T53

    Mosin Nagant M53

    Mosin Nagant M91
Mosin Nagant M27

    Mosin Nagant M28

    Mosin Nagant M39
Mossberg 500
Mossberg 464
    Remington 700

    Remington 700CDL
Remington 700XCR

    Remington 700 SPS
Remington 700 Sendero
Remington Varmint SF

    Remington 700VTR

    Remington 700 Mountain

    Remington 783

    Remington Model 7
    Remington 870
    Remington 7600

Ruger Mini14/30

    Ruger M77
Ruger Mark II
Ruger American

    Ruger Hawkeye
    Ruger Scout
Ruger Predator
    Sako 85 w/ Standard American stock
    Tikka T3 series w/ American stock
SKS Russian 45

    SKS Chinese 56
SKS Yugo 59/66
    Springfield M1 Garand
Springfield M1A
    Uberti Winchester 1873
    Winchester 1866
    Winchester 1873

    Winchester 1876
    Winchester 94

    Winchester 94/92 Trapper
Winchester 94/92 Carbine

    Winchester Model 71

    Winchester Model 88

    Winchester 1895
Winchester 1886

    Winchester 1885



.223 / 5.56
6.5 Creedmore

    .300 Win mag
.300 short mag


    8mm Mauser
.32 wsp


    .17 hmr


    .22 mag

    Shell Gauges:
12 gauge
20 gauge
  • Shipping Times:  RLO Custom Leather products are made to order, but will typically ship in 2-3 weeks. Carrier times should be added to that figure to estimate total delivery time. If there's an exception, we will contact you directly.

    Leather Color:  Due to the way leather absorbs dye and sealant, each sheath's color will vary slightly.

    Photos:  Photos are copyrighted and should NOT be used without our expressed written permission. Firearms, ammo, and other accessories pictured are not included unless expressly stated...but you knew that already because you're awesome!

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