Firebox Stove - Firebox Freestyle Modular Stove - Stainless Everything Kit

Firebox Stove - Firebox Freestyle Modular Stove - Stainless Everything Kit

A unique stove design that provides six different configurations allowing you to adjust fuel burn and components to suit your cooking requirements.

  • Multi-fuel versatility
  • Pre-Fuelable (for less fussing with the fire)
  • No assembly, hinged construction
  • Multiple cooking configurations, useful accessories
  • Use virtually any size cookware
  • Functions as a portable campfire

Firebox Freestyle Modular Stove - Stainless Everything Kit:

  • TWO Single Stove kits (8 panels total)
  • 1 Mod Kit
  • Octagon Fire Grate
  • Hexagon Fire Grate
  • 2 in 1 Fire Grate
  • Large grill
  • Long lifter (grill holder)
  • Two long FireSticks
  • Two Medium notched Fire Sticks
  • Nylon D-Ring Organizer Case

Engineered and Made in the USA

Made of Stainless Steel


Tri Torch (three panels, no firesticks) Stainless 8oz

4″ Freestyle + 2 Firesticks & grate = pack weight Stainless 13oz

4″ Freestyle Kit + 4 Firesticks, grate, grill, Fire-Pan Tin Stainless 24oz

7″ Hexagon Storm +2 Firesticks, grate Stainless 22oz

8″ Bushcrafter + 2 Firesticks, grate Stainless 20oz

10″ Octagon FirePit + 4 Firesticks, grate Stainless 27oz

12″ Field Kitchen +4 Firesticks, grate Stainless 27oz

Mod Kit Stainless 24oz

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