Fire Water Survival - Magnesium Ferro Rod Striker Tool

Fire Water Survival

Fire Water Survival - Magnesium Ferro Rod Striker Tool

Handmade Tool-steel Striker with magnetic Magnesium Handle/Case

Made in the USA from the shop of Fire Water Survival in Monroe, GA. Every fire starter kit is made with quality (non-chinese) tool steel striker and quality magnesium.  The cap is held on with a strong rare earth magnet until time for use.

Primarily designed a strike tool for ferro rods (firesteels), it was also paired with magnesium for the casing. Magnesium can be used to aid in fire starting as it flares up when exposed to hot sparks, helping ignite tinder in tough conditions. To use, you use the striker to scrape a few shavings off the magnesium cap on top of your tinder. Then, use the striker with your firesteel (sold separately) to shower the tinder in hot sparks. If done correctly, you'll have flames in no time!

The squared tool steel striker, in combination with the high-quality magnesium, makes it easy to ignite tinder in a massive shower of hot sparks when used with a high quality ferro rod or firesteel. When you're done getting your fire going, you simply insert each end inside the other and the magnetic clasp does the rest. You'll smile every time you use it, and not just because you just made a fire!

*Ferro rods, aka. firesteels, are sold separately.


Materials: Magnesium casing, squared tool-steel striker, earth magnet


Fire Water Survival stands behind their products and each one is warrantied against defect and workmanship on the handles and clasps. Magnesium casings are meant to be scraped and makes them consumable, obviously, and are not warrantied.

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