Fire Water Survival - CHIEF Deluxe Pocket Survival Kit


Fire Water Survival

Fire Water Survival - CHIEF Deluxe Pocket Survival Kit

Deluxe Survival Kit in a Pocket Sized Package

Assembled by hand in the USA from the shop of Fire Water Survival in Monroe, GA. Every CHIEF Deluxe Survival Kit is made with quality materials, mostly sourced from companies in the USA.

Each CHIEF Deluxe Survival Kit fits in the palm of your hand! They are lightweight and compact for everyday carry. Every car, backpack, go-bag, day pack and hunter's pack needs one...or two.

Each kit contains the following items (buckle up, you won't believe it):

  • Water Purification: 250 ml collapsible stainless steel cup (4 inch stainless wire holder included w/cup). Water filter (in form of paper sediment filter, more below on this item). The collapsed cup with cap is what gives the kit it's unique round shape.
  • Fire Starting Kit: WetFire fire starting tinder, magnesium handled ferrocerium rod fire starter, hack saw blade striker/scraper,  and 1 foot nylon cord (lanyard). All Made in USA
  • Cutting Tool: single edge razor blade (secondary striker for fire starter). Made in USA
  • Fishing Kit: 12 feet of 8lb. test fishing line, #8, #6, and #4 bait hooks, float, 2 re-usable fishing line weights. All Made in USA
  • Waterproof Instructions: Printed instructions on a paper sediment filter, all waterproof ink. Provides directions for fire starting and kit uses. Made in USA
  • Cordage and Wire: 10 feet of 70lb Kevlar cord for general purpose cordage, 2 feet of 22 gauge stainless steel wire (for hanging cup, trapping, general use). All Made in USA
  • Button Compass for finding your way around. 
  • Cyalume Lightstick for emergency illumination. Simple bend the tube to break the inner sleeve and mix the 2 chemicals. The reaction causes illumination bright enough to use as small signal light or provide ambient light for up close tasks (like reading your compass)
  • Wire Snare for small game and/or cordage supplement
  • Ranger Band style rubber loop to hold kit together and for general use


Fire Water Survival stands behind their products and each kit is warrantied against defect and workmanship. Most contents are single use in a survival situation, obviously, and are not warrantied after use.

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