DogHouse Forge - CutAway Chef - Multi Dyed Spalted Tamarind

DogHouse Forge - CutAway Chef - Multi Dyed Spalted Tamarind

The Cut-Away chef is the flagship design that started the culinary side of DHF. An accident turned brilliance! This design is about as ergonomic as one can get. The spine has rolled grooves for your fingers to rest in while working on the blade. This gives you total control and feels incredible. The handle contours have also been modified to allow for multiple placements of the hand depending on whether or not you are working full handle or with the choked up position. Comfort and function!

AEB-L HC stainless steel allows DHF to design the blade with both high Rockwell hardness abilities and corrosion resistance. This gives the user high performance without the additional maintenance required from pure carbon steel. AEB-L is arguably the nicest culinary stainless steel available today. All AEB-L blades are professionally heat treated and cryo'd between temper cycles for maximum grain refinement and edge retention...that's a slick way of saying that they are super hard and hold a sharp edge for a long time.

Knife Specifications

Blade Length: 8"
OAL (Overall Length): 12.5"
Blade Height at Heel: 2.375"
Blade Metal: AISI AEB-L High Carbon Stainless at 61 HRC
Handle Material: Multi Dyed Spalted Tamarind - Copper Hardware
Tang:  Full Tang
Grind: Full Flat
Blade Angle: 18 Degrees
Blade Geometry: 3mm Spine at Heel - Full Distal Taper

Knives designed, fabricated, assembled, and finished in the USA, using domestic steels and heirloom quality materials, by DogHouse Forge in Lakeland, FL.

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