Combat Beads - Line of Fire - Aged & Combated - Copper

Combat Beads - Line of Fire - Aged & Combated - Copper

Beads for Every Day Carry

Made by Keith Griffin, by hand, in Ontario, Canada. Combat Beads are beads for your every day carry. Put them on knife lanyards, pockets tools and anything else you'd like to make easier to grab, and look better while doing it. It adds some functional flair to your EDC and pocket carry items. If it has a lanyard, or a lanyard hole, it needs Combat Beads!

These "Line of Fire" Beads are absolute works of art - a fine addition to any EDC. Each one includes the two sections that give the illusion of 2 separate but connected beads. 

EACH SET SOLD SEPARATELY. They also don't come with knives pictured with them, but you already knew that because you're awesome.

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