Badger Claw Leatherworks - Forester Log Tote

Forester Log Tote - Waxed Canvas & Leather by Badger Claw Leatherworks

Gathering firewood is a chore...but transporting it doesn't have to be! Carry your firewood back to camp with The Forester Log Tote. The simple, lay flat design, makes it simple to load and the generously comfortable handles make carrying your bounty effortless compared to carrying by hand. As a bonus, it saves your clothes from dirt and scuffs you would normally get from carrying the wood against your body.

The Forester Log Tote includes a convenient pocket for your matches, fire steel and tinder to keep it all handy and consolidated. Once back at your campsite, you can use the durable waxed canvas Forester Log Tote to kneel on while you prep your tinder and get the fire started...saving your knees from the damp ground.

The Forester Log Tote is handcrafted with two layers of 10oz Martexin waxed canvas with reinforced seams and stout carry handles. The leather accents are cut from premium Austin leather. The beautiful hardware utilizes solid brass rivets and button studs for a long lasting finish.

Measures 36" long by 16" wide and built to carry heavy loads.

Made by hand in the USA by John Maynard of Badger Claw Leatherworks.

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