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Badger Claw Leatherworks - 6 Pocket Knife Roll - Waxed Canvas & Leather

6 Pocket Knife Roll - Waxed Canvas & Leather by Badger Claw Leatherworks

Please note that the strap design has changed and is not reflected in photos. The straps no longer have holes to hook onto brass posts. The straps are longer and only use friction to stay closed.

Whether you need a great way to carry multiple knives in the field for your next adventure, or just need to keep your collection organized, this is the perfect storage for your favorite blades. The 6-pocket waxed canvas knife roll is durable and long lasting with adjustable leather straps.  

These hand-crafted knife rolls will hold 6 knives with up to a total length of 11" each.  The heavy duty rolls are made from 10oz Martexin waxed canvas. The leather straps are cut from premium Austin leather. The beautiful hardware utilizes solid brass rivets and button studs for a long lasting finish.

The heavy duty waxed canvas is also soft enough to protect the knives' finishes, but also durable enough for extended use. We do recommend the addition of blade guards for the best results and to minimize wear from sharp blades. The generous flaps are long enough to also wrap a couple of your favorite sheaths inside as well, while the straps are made to still close properly when doing so.

Made by hand in the USA by John Maynard of Badger Claw Leatherworks.

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