Adirondack Wilderness Co - Handmade Firesteel with Quick Release - 32 - Walnut with BlackBrown Canvas

Adirondack Wilderness Company

Adirondack Wilderness Company - Handmade Firesteel with Quick Release Clasp

Firesteels, or "ferro rods" as they are commonly known, are an easy and reliable way to get a fire started. By scraping a hard object, such as a knife's spine or steel striker, against the firesteel, you generate hot sparks that will easily ignite fine tinder material. It's relatively small size, low maintenance & ease of use make it a great choice for all your fire-starting needs.

This gorgeous 3/8" firesteel features hand-finished craftsmanship using the finest materials available. Each firesteel from Adirondack Wilderness Company is unique and beautiful. Each firesteel features a quick release push clasp for ease of use. The firesteel rod's material is Austrian-made in the same factory as the "Light My Fire" brand.

*each firesteel sold separately

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Adirondack Wilderness Company stands behind their products and each firesteel is warrantied against defect or workmanship on the handles and clasps. Firesteel rods are consumable, obviously, and are not warrantied.

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