4HR Challenge Knife - Fiddleback Forge Protagonist - OD Green Canvas Micarta

Fiddleback Forge 4HR Challenge - Protagonist - OD Green Canvas Micarta

In August of 2017, the Georgia Knifemakers' Guild put on their regular meeting...but this one had a twist to it. Six top makers from the Guild decided to enter the 4HR Challenge. In front of a live crowd, they sweated, toiled, hammered, heated & glued their way to finished blades. The event wasn't judged as it was a display of skills and a way for fans and knifemakers alike to get to experience first hand what it takes to transform raw materials into finished works of functional art. The results were amazing...even without the crunch of time constraints.

To see the 4HR Build Off, see it here on the Fiddleback Outpost YouTube Channel.

Andy Roy of Fiddleback Forge, was one of the makers. Andy had a strategy going into the challenge. An incomplete knife was not an option. How do you guarantee a finished blade worthy of your name under a time constraint when you have so many steps that could lead to disaster? Well, you make two of them. That's right, he decided to complete 2 knives in the same 4 hours everyone else did a single knife in. Does that mean he cut corners or achieved a lesser result? Quite the contrary, he knocked both out of the park...which isn't much of a surprise given that he's accustomed to producing high quality at scale.

The Protagonist is unique in the Fiddleback lineup as it is an aggressive design. It's perfectly OK to want to wield this blade...it's for the good guys! Its 5.5-inch blade makes it easy to protect what's yours. And with 10.25-inches in overall length, it has plenty of handle to control it. It is well-balanced and nimble.

Sheath not included, but available for purchase. Contact us for details

Knife Specifications

Blade Length: 5.5"
Overall Length: 10.25"
Blade Metal: Spalted 1/8” 1084 Steel
Handle Material: OD Green Micarta - Natural Liners - White Pinstripes
Tang:  TT - Tapered Tang
Grind: Convex

Knife fabricated, assembled, and finished in the USA by Fiddleback Forge and Andy Roy, using domestic steels and high-quality handle materials.

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