W.A. Surls Knives

WA Surls at Fiddleback Outpost

Allen Surls of WA Surls Knives at Kansas City Knife Maker's Guild ShowW.A. Surls is the work of Allen Surls and the knives not only reflect durability for utilitarian use but also represent the passion and craftsmanship worthy of becoming family heirlooms. Allen's passion started in May 2013 with his first creation and WA Surls Knives became official in September 2013. He has worked tirelessly on his craft over the years.

Allen is the President of the Georgia Custom Knifemakers' Guild and was also awarded the Hank Rummel Memorial Award at the National Knife Maker's Guild Show in Kansas City for being the Best First Year Probationary Maker in 2016.


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