Fiddleback Forge Field Knives (Mid-Tech)

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The Hardest Working Knives In The Industry

Since, the birth of Fiddleback Forge handmade knives in 2007, the knives have seen the toughest use by woodsmen, bushcrafters, campers, survivalist, etc. This lead to a demand for a field version of the knives that were tailored for the harshest environments and toughest use, while offering highly competitive pricing from pre-fabricated components. This was the birth of the Fiddleback Forge Field Knife series.

Engineered from the proven handcrafted knife designs of Andy Roy, Fiddleback Forge's  line of field knives use a mid-tech production process to yield a greater quantity of the hardest working knives available anywhere. Each knife is hand-assembled from pre-cut stock and receives sharpening, assembly, and finishing touches by hand at the Fiddleback Forge workshop prior to shipping. This unique process is performed by the same artisans that produce Fiddleback's all-hand-made knives and produces a quality knife unmatched by mass manufactured knives.


Most mid-tech production knife blades are made from un-coated Crucible CPM S35VN stainless steel with a tumbled finish, while the Camp Knife uses Crucible CPM 3V. Sharpened with a straight grind, these blades offer less resistance when cutting, particularly chopping or battoning, and are easily sharpened/maintained in the field. The tumbled-finished steel is well suited for long term exposure in harsh outdoor environments that test the merit of even the best knives.

The field machetes use 1075 steel sourced from El Salvador, home to some of the finest machetes in the world. All machetes, just like all field knives, are finished by hand in the USA at Fiddleback Forge.


The scales (sides of the handle) of any knife need to match the purpose of the knife and the blades that they are affixed to. The high quality/harsh environment blades of the mid-tech production knives demand an equally-durable handle material. As a result, every mid-tech production knife utilizes a Micarta® synthetic material (available in a natural beige or dark gray) that offers unmatched durability and grip. The handle is further enhanced with the crenelated surface of the canvas Micarta material to strengthen and secure your grip in wet environments. A focus of every Fiddleback knife model is a handle designed for a fusion of comfort and usability - making the knife a pure, effortless extension of your hand, even for the hardest tasks. These hand-finished handles ensure a grip and balance that makes them the best field knives for camping, bushcrafting, hiking, wilderness survival, etc. that you'll find anywhere.


For your convenience, every mid-tech production knife from Fiddleback ships with a durable, custom-fit sheath designed exclusively by JRE Industries. The sheath feature a single riveted loop that allows for larger belt sizes, as well as fire steel loop on many models. Machete sheaths are made by Jack Andress in TX.


All Fiddleback Forge field knives are covered by the same lifetime warranty that their all-handmade knives are covered by. Any new condition knife can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. In addition, knives carry a lifetime warranty to be free from mechanical defects under normal usage. Fiddleback Forge will repair or replace (at their discretion) any such knife as necessary. More information about Fiddleback Forge's warranty is available on their website.


The Fiddleback Outpost is an official reseller/distributor of Fiddleback Forge knives and, as such, provides all of the field knives in their original packaging, including certificate of authenticity, as packaged and shipped by Fiddleback Forge.

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