Fowler Blades

Fowler Blades Collection by Stephan Fowler

Fowler Blades by Stephan Fowler

Fowler Blades represents the work of Stephan Fowler. Stephan Fowler is a Journeyman Smith with the American Bladesmith Society. He is also an active member of The Georgia Knifemakers' Guild. Stephan Fowler has been in the business of bladesmithing since 2002 and has extensive skillsets in blacksmithing.

Fowler Blades are hand forged using traditional blacksmithing methods; using only the highest quality steels for your perfect knife or tool. Stephan finishes each and every blade by hand, paying special attention to details, such as: contours, balance, grain of steel and hone. You can see with every detial the pride Stephan puts into each piece that comes out of his Forge.


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