DogHouse Forge

DogHouse Forge Handmade Cutlery

DogHouse Forge is the work of Jonathan Porter , Alex Eisenberg, and Crew. DogHouse Forge is based out of Lakeland, FL and pumps out fantastic knives by hand right here in the USA! Their work ethic translates into every blade. As soon as you hold it, you know that they were designed to be used hard and put to work. The look the part as much as they work the part.

DogHouse Forge believes that quality is best kept in house, so they do it all, literally! With the exception of Peter's Heat Treat doing the heat treat for their AEB-L stainless blades, DHF does everything else in-house. They forge, they make Damascus (when applicable) they grind, they heat treat, they quench, they sharpen, they sweat (it's Florida after all) ...amazingly, they even stabilize their own handle scale materials! This gives them an unprecedented ability to produce fantastic handmade products at a fantastic value that would put other makers in the...wait for house. Luckily for you, their knives are far better than our jokes.

When you own a knife from DogHouse Forge, you can be sure that every part of it's craftsmanship came out of their shop from their own hands...and they're made to work as hard as their hands do.



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