Council Tool - 16" Wood-Craft Camp Carver Axe


Council Tools

Council Tool
16" Wood-Craft Camp Carver Axe

Made in North Carolina, USA

Council Tools has been making trusted tools since 1886!

  • The Council Tool Wood-Craft Camp Carver is crafted out of our US 5160 steel with superior toughness and blade retention.  

    It’s a carver (bushcraft axe) that is made to go into the woods with you, made to get dirty while doing camp-chores.

    The Camp Carver was made to choke up, shave, and do detailed work. It features a a swept toe, flat-grind, large bit length, bearded blade, and a radius under the hammer poll for the web of the user’s hand.

    The poll is hardened and can be used like a hammer. It helps with balance of the head overall, and gives leverage when choking up.

    It has a 90 deg. spine for scraping tinder and for using a ferro-rod to start fires.

    The handle was patterned after a vintage design. It has a generous palm swell for added sense of security, a large hatchet eye to provide strength/durability, and a comfortable grip when choking up.

    The Council Tool Camp Carver is designed to be a multi-use bushcraft/camping axe, and an introduction into the world of carving and green-woodworking/sloyd.

    The design has its heritage in the larger riggers axes of North America, the bearded axes of Northern Europe, and the hatchets that are often modified into camp tools.

    It can be worn on a belt, in a hammer/hatchet holster, tucked inside or hung on the outside of a pack, with a sling, in a go-bag, or in a tool box.

    The Camp-Carver comes standard with a welted leather mask.

    The Wood-Craft Camp Carver Axe is a great tool for carvers, bushcrafters, green-woodworkers, trappers, hunters, backpackers, day-hikers, off-road bikers, campers, paddlers, tradesmen, ranchers, homesteaders, hobbyists and collectors.

  • Head Weight:  26 oz. (1.63 lbs)
    Overall Length:  Approximately 15" when finished
    Head Steel:  5160 Steel
    Grind:  25-28 degree Flat grind
    Bit: 4"
    Handle Material: 16” Curved Premium Hickory w/ Linseed Oil Coating
    Handle Wedge: Traditional Softwood Wedge, & Round Steel Wedge
    Mask:  Welted Leather
    Other:  Hardened Poll, 90deg. Spine, Large Hatchet Eye, Bearded Blade

    Made In USA

    • A sharp axe is a safe axe as it is less likely to glance out of the cut. Be assured that this axe has been sharpened by our skilled craftsmen and is ready to use.
    • All components are MADE IN USA.
    • Head will last a lifetime, we guarantee it.
    • Forged from 5160 grade alloy steel.
    • Bit is heat treated and quenched approximately 1″ inch from the cutting edge, then tempered for maximum edge holding and toughness. Final hardness Rc 52-56.
    • Handle is made of Premium American hickory.
    • Forged axe head is hung in a traditional manner using a softwood wedge along with a steel wedge for added security.
    • Axe head is coated with light oil to prevent rusting and to showcase the exceptional Council Tool craftsmanship. A Linseed oil coating is applied to protect the handle.
    • Leather mask protects the tool and user with the Council Tool embossed logo. Like its companion axe, the sheath is MADE IN USA.
  • Shipping Times:  Axes are in stock unless noted above. Axes ship next business day, M-F. Carrier times should be added to that figure to estimate total delivery time. If there's an exception, we will contact you directly.

    Leather Mask & Handle Color:  Wood grain and color vary as a natural material. With leather, due to the way leather absorbs dye, each mask's color will vary.

    Photos:  Photos are copyrighted and should NOT be used without our expressed written permission. Other items pictured are sold separately...but you knew that already because you're awesome! 

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Lifetime Guarantee on Axe Head

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