New Outpost Logo - Hammered Out

August 25, 2016

New Outpost Logo - Hammered Out

When we started the Fiddleback Outpost, the mission was to support Andy Roy at Fiddleback Forge by being an online retailer for Fiddleback Forge knives and grow their market share. We saw tremendous upside potential in the quality of products and knew we could broaden the market for them. So we set out to build the Outpost. In doing so, Andy was gracious enough to let us leverage his branding, including using a variation of the Fiddleback Forge iconic spider logo.

In four months, we've accomplished quite a bit. We've shipped countless Fiddleback Forge knives all over the world. We have worked with a veteran sheath craftsman to design and develop several new sheath models, more of which are coming soon. We've created several new vendor partnerships, many of which you'll see soon. We've also managed to leverage great products and hard work to build a large social media following. We've even expanded our offices to better meet the demands of warehousing and fulfillment for the Outpost. Month-over-month the business continues to grow into a beast of its own.

As we have built relationships, gaining fantastic and discerning customers at Fiddleback Outpost, we've seen that they have a wide variety of needs that are not being met by our current offerings. We recognized that we need to broaden our product base and the markets that we target. We're not only growing our Fiddleback Forge line of knives, but we're also starting to offer other knife craftsmen's products as well. Finally, we're expanding to carry an array of related products that are also vital tools for camping, hiking, bushcrafting and every-day-carry (EDC) items. 

Our goal is to curate both knives and related accessory products that we feel meet the quality expectations of our discerning customer base. These are products that our own staff relies on for their own outdoor activity and daily carry needs - whether a short hike in the woods, a regular workday, or a serious multi-day camping trip of roughing it in true bushcrafter style.

With this expanding business model we decided that now is a good time to rebrand so as to not dilute the branding Fiddleback Forge has worked so hard to build, as well as cement our own identity as a retailer. We love our name as it pays homage to Andy Roy and the guys at Fiddleback Forge that got us started - besides we already paid for the domain name and built a website. However, we wanted to adopt a logo of our own - something that was representative of our modified mission and our market. 

Going through the creative process for a logo is no easy task and certainly shouldn't be entertained by people surrounded by very sharp knives. With that said, we worked with several designers and variations until we came up with our new logo for Fiddleback Outpost:

In our logo we wanted to accomplish a couple of key tasks:

  1. Emphasize the word "Outpost" to not only differentiate us from Fiddleback Forge, but to also signify our business model as a retailer/supplier.
  2. Utilize a nature/outdoors scene to signify that the products that we sell are intended for those that enjoy the great outdoors for camping, hiking, etc.
So there you have it: the new official logo for Fiddleback Outlet and our new mission to bring a broader array of curated knives and related accessories and outdoor gear to a discerning market that appreciates quality products.

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