Fat Rope Stick Reviewed - Kevin Estela is Fiddlin' With Fire

February 05, 2017 1 Comment

Fat Rope Stick Reviewed - Kevin Estela is Fiddlin' With Fire

Fat Rope Stick - Ultimate Fire Starting Tinder

Fat Rope Stick is winning people over world-wide. With it's compact packaging and weather-mocking ability to get a fire going, it's quickly becoming the go-to fire starting tinder for everyone's emergency kits, camp setups, and bug-out bags. But we wanted an expert opinion...so we sent some to Kevin Estela of Estela Wilderness School. Here's what he had to say about Fat Rope Stick:

I’ve long asserted you should always carry pre-made tinder with you into the field. Granted, you may have to make do one day with what you can find off the land but why risk not being able to make a fire in cold conditions? The folks at the Fiddleback Outpost recently sent me a sample of their Fat Rope Stick and I gave it a go. Compared to “standard” vaseline and cotton balls, Fat Rope Stick is a whole new animal. It is cotton based and the additive helps the frayed cotton fabric take a spark easily. An added benefit of Fat Rope Stick is that it will keep your kit clean since the plastic coating prevents any additive from bleeding out. Fat Rope Stick is a great example of TINDER that will take a spark. It’s the fuel source you need to ignite a proper fire.

Read the entire article on fire starting on Fiddleback Forge's website: Fiddlin' With Fire by Kevin Estela
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We strongly recommend you follow Kevin Estela on Instagram @Estelawilded and on Facebook. He can also be found on the pages of Recoil OffGrid Magazine, the pages of American Survivalist Magazine, and teaching the occasional class for Estela Wilderness Education.

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February 10, 2017

ITS FRIDAY February 10 2017 …
Let’s start out by telling the Lucy LOU’s &
Nonbelievers … that the fire rope in my opinion is five stars hands-down !! one of the best fire starters on the planet. I’ve made fire with this product … " FAT ROPE " in a very hard downpour rain !! I’m just saying… if you don’t have any in your EDC … or your BOB …
ONCE YOU HAVE TRIED IT… I guarantee you’ll love it I know I did so get you some !!

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