Blade Show 2016

June 20, 2016

Blade Show 2016

Blade Show 2016 has officially concluded and it was overall an amazing experience and the worst part is that we have to wait a whole year to go to the next one. Thousands of people that share the same passion for blades and all manner of other outstanding works of art is definitely something we look forward to every year, and the Cobb Galleria was packed this year with extraordinary talent, craftsmanship, and awesome people! Thousands of vendors and knife enthusiasts come to the Blade Show every year, and for good reason. The level of craftsmanship displayed every year, and this year in particular, is always astounding and shows the level of care and dedication that those involved commit into their craft, and between the gorgeous blade and handle materials, masterpieces of knives and swords, incredible sheaths, and everything in between, Blade Show 2016 definitely had some of the most incredible pieces of art that we've ever seen, and to see it in person was definitely a treat.

Those that constitute the Blade community are one that appreciates good work and good people, and we are no exception. Some of those we meet at every Blade Show truly astound us with their work, manners, and genuine appreciation for the community and what it does. A round of special thanks is in order to some of the awesome people that took the time to meet with and talk to us about knives and the Blade Show in general, both things that we and they are very passionate about. Wayne Hendrix from Hendrix Handmade Knives, Scott Whittington from USA Made Blade, Scott Davidson from Solid Rock Knives, John Roy from Dawson Knives, Angel Yan from We Knife Co., and Philip Hartman from Masecraft Supply Co. We had a great time talking with those that share our passion for the finer, sharper things in life.

This was the Fiddleback Forge table just as they began to set up for the show on Friday, June 3rd.

One of the reasons that Blade Show is such a treat to attend every year is to see the fine craftsmanship that ceases to amaze us, and this year in particular we went with a keen eye to look for makers of knives, accessories, and everything in between that we could potentially work with later. A big shoutout to David Brown from Buy Brown Ind., Bill Luckett from Bill Luckett Custom Knives, and all of the others that took time out of the zoo of Blade Show to talk with us! Sheaths, materials, custom cases, and all manner of products were at the Blade Show and we are genuinely grateful to have the potential to work with some of those that make such wonderful products in the future! Blade Show was an incredible experience and we are very much looking forward to going next year to see more incredible work from such a dedicated community.

Credit to Brian Griffin for the amazing photos.

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